3.5- Speaking Assessment

Below is the assessment task for your speaking assessment that will be taking place this term. While you will have some time to work on your speech writing in class, it would be wise to

3.4 Writing Portfolio Task 2

  The links below will take you to lists of cinematography techniques. Make sure you are not using language for the sake of using language and that the terminology you are selecting is correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinematic_techniques

Additional Reading Material

I encourage all of you to pick another tragedy to read over the break and the coming term. This will help you to solidify and expand the breadth of your knowledge about the genre. You

Gladiator- After the First Viewing and Beyond

Following our first viewing of Gladiator, use the points below to make notes about key aspects of the film. Initially, you should make only brief notes about moments in the film that you will look more in-depth

The Genre of Tragedy

Below is the power point of points about Tragedy and Aristotle’s definition of the genre we have been discussing over the last couple of weeks in class.


King Lear- Recommended Readings

Below is a selection of reading material that supports many of the ideas being discussed in our Level 3 classroom. I have broken them into “Must Read” texts and “Suggested Reads”. Must Read Texts The Psychology


2017 3.1 Exam Paper

I know you have never looked at a 3.1 paper before but don’t be intimidated by the questions.   The best way to approach the question is to think of what your response to the

King Lear- The Final Act

After finishing King Lear in class today, your job is to work through the tasks below. Some are analytical tasks and ask you to deal with ideas we have discussed during the reading of the entire play,


King Lear- Character Map

The character map below shows the connections between the main characters in King Lear.  Note how the main plot and the subplot interconnect. The map has come from Cliff Notes where you can read a full description of

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