2017 3.1 Exam Paper

I know you have never looked at a 3.1 paper before but don’t be intimidated by the questions.   The best way to approach the question is to think of what your response to the

King Lear- The Final Act

After finishing King Lear in class today, your job is to work through the tasks below. Some are analytical tasks and ask you to deal with ideas we have discussed during the reading of the entire play,


King Lear- Character Map

The character map below shows the connections between the main characters in King Lear.  Note how the main plot and the subplot interconnect. The map has come from Cliff Notes where you can read a full description of

The Chain of Being

“…everything on Earth and in the universe is linked in a particular order- everything has a particular place.”- Tillyard Elizabethan England was a very different society to what we know now. Religion reined supreme or at

Scene Analysis: Act 2 Scene 4

This scene marks end of the beginning of the play. Until now, no one has completely revealed their hand to Lear. In this scene, Lear is forced to face the fact that his authority and

Close Reading- Act 1 Scene 1

This scene sets up the entire play and all of its subplots. Lear is undoubtedly foolish in this opening act and irresponsibly abdicates his powers as the King. His primary motive in these acts is

King Lear- The Comic Strip!

Below is a link to a site that creates stick figure comics of a range of Shakespeare’s plays. Though they are simple, it will give you a good general overview of the story so far


King Lear- The First Act

We have now completed our reading of the Act One in King Lear. We will now begin to explore the first act through a series of individual students tasks. They will publish these tasks on their own

Dramatic Irony

As we read further into King Lear, the class has been presented with multiple instances of dramatic irony. So tomorrow, we are pausing our reading of King Lear and explore dramatic irony through the short story The Gift

King Lear- Act 1 Scene 1

We begin exploring the genre of tragedy through the play King Lear. A vital part of reading any Shakespearean text is comprehension. His language is so figurative that we have to really concentrate to make head or

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