King Lear- Recommended Readings

Below is a selection of reading material that supports many of the ideas being discussed in our Level 3 classroom. I have broken them into “Must Read” texts and “Suggested Reads”.

Must Read Texts

The Psychology of Aristotelian Tragedy is an interesting read around why tragic literature appeals to humans as a form of entertainment. It also delves further into how Aristotle defines tragedy as a genre.

Download (PDF, 2.84MB)

Metaphorized Animals: An Investigation of Animal Metaphors in King Lear provides a comprehensive breakdown of the use of animal metaphors throughout Lear. It also offers some explanation about the importance of metaphor, the origins of metaphor and an explanation of Aristotle’s ideas about metaphor.  

Download (PDF, 208KB)

The extract below is from Literary Theory and Criticism: An Oxford Guide

Download (PDF, 493KB)


Suggested Reads

Latinate vs. Anglo Saxon Word Origins This blog post provides a clear explanation about the difference between words that originate from the Latin language and those that come from an Anglo Saxon origin.


Aristole’s Poetics is the manuscript that has been recovered that was written by Aristotle. In it, he breaks down the genre of tragedy as he sees it.

Download (PDF, 192KB)


The Aristotelian Concept of the Tragic Hero is a very in-depth examination of what Aristotle believed the tragic hero to be. It looks into the origins of Aristotle’s definition.

Download (PDF, 2.99MB)



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