King Lear- The Final Act

After finishing King Lear in class today, your job is to work through the tasks below. Some are analytical tasks and ask you to deal with ideas we have discussed during the reading of the entire play, others are reflective tasks that ask for your personal response. You should complete this on your English Blog.


  1. Sight and eyes
  • Look back through the final act of the play and make a list of the times that characters reference sight or eyes.
  • We have discussed the literal and figurative blindness in throughout the play. Looking at the evidence you have gathered above, what messages emerge about eyes and sight? How are different characters “levels of sight” developed in this final act? Use the evidence collected to justify your answer.


2. Death

  • Make a list of characters who are dead at the end of the play. Make a note next to each about how/what they die from.
  • Pick three characters from above who’s death you think is significant. Explain why you believe their death is significant. Look back at the dialogue around their death and make note of anything you see in the language that could indicate a change of heart/important moment for that character.


3. Personal Response

  • Explain your reaction to the play as a whole. Justify your position.
  • King Lear falls under the genre of “tragedy”. Note down anything that you know about the genre or anything that springs to mind when you hear the word tragedy. Do not use Google for this- just your own knowledge and ideas.


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